The age of convergence

I attended the Ad Age Idea Confernce a few weeks ago and it was one of the better ones held in a long time. The topics were not focussed on a how-to-be-more creative stance, rather the opposite. David Jones, Global Chief Executive Officer of EURO RSCG, brought up the point that we shouldn’t be spending so much time trying to re-define creativity, we should not need permission to create and go beyond barriers. This sentiment was implied throughout all the presenters content. Alex Bogusky went as far as admitting he had nothing…because creativity isn’t something you set processes to. Creativity isn’t something that you can define as something that you can label. So he walked us through a very nostalgic look at all of the attempts in history of people who had tried to define the creative process. This funny cynical look at these attempts was a strong enough message in and of itself.

But what was really interesting overall is that the discussions broke into how all of the brands are deeply interwoven into the talent base of the companies. Anne Saunders, SVP Global Brand Strategy and Communication for Starbucks, didn’t just speak to how the experiential brand of Starbucks was being molded from consumer driven demand. She spoke to how crucial the employee base is indoctrinated into the Starbucks brand and how to execute upon it.

So here you see a conference room filled with some of the best talent in Madison Ave. talking about how employees would be able to live the brand itself. The convergence is on.

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