Audience Generated Content is not an idea

You Tube. My Space. Pangea. The main players in a current phenom of audience driven content. Oh, and add Second Life to that while you’re at it. The feature of allowing your audience to generate their own experiences, content is not new, but has taken a plunge into the mainstream with the aid of digital media. Freedom of expression, your voice heard, and your creations viewed by others brings a feeling of contribution and identity to our place in this world.

However, as marketers try to tap into these networks, they are faced with the realities of uncontrollable content to be associated with. One week there may be an amazing entertaining video that someone produced about a specific car feature. Then right next to it would be a video with that same car with someone doing the painfully contrite lip singing performance to the radio.

Tapping into an AGC area is not an idea. That is, it shouldn’t drive your concept, nor should it be allowed to dilute your brand. For recruitment purposes, the relevant usage may seem to fall upon how your employees may be able to create their own content that is focussed on a specific message or information you want your target candidates to understand about working for you. Such as your culture, or to showcase the people that work for you.

Firefox has a nice site which allows their customers to submit their own commercials about why Firefox is the best browser to use. Some are very creative while others are so-so. But the audience viewing this site has a chance to vote for their favorites and of course, email them to a friend. And this becomes the digital watercooler we all call “viral”.

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