What the flog are you doing?


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Here is an example of trying to force a viral campaign onto your audience. Sony has added their name to a number of well known brands that have come under fire by placing marketing ploys disguised as blogs in effort to try for the “viral” effect. Fake blogs known as “flogs” are now being easily identified by the more savy consumer.

A great article from the gaming site Penny Arcade wrote about how Sony has tried to invade the gamers with a fake blog campaign, “The reality is that no agency can create viral marketing, this is the sole domain of the consumer. Viral marketing is what happens when a campaign works — when we allow their message to travel via our own super efficient conduits. Perhaps it is entertaining on its own terms, divorced from the message. Perhaps it is a game or a story, like I Love Bees or other ARGs, where we take ownership in it. What distinguishes this from Guerilla Marketing is that we are aware of the message. When we are not aware of the message, or when the agents of the message misrepresent themselves, we call this “deception.”

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