Blogging Good and Bad

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: Blogs “essential” to a good career?

There is a lot to be said how blogs could be great for or ruin your career. I would also add the fact that it can also do the same to the corporations or employers who either sponsor them or are attached to them in someway. Don Dodge from Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team captures some nice insight from the Boston Globe as well as from Tim Bray at Sun Microsystems.

Companies are starting to use employee blogs more often as a means to engage possible candidates into the “real” culture of their organizations. Instead of the traditional employee profile with the typical interview questions with the typical answers, the employee profiles are turning more into mini biographies. The soul and spirit of the employer’s brand.

When done well, people engage further with that company. When done inappropriately, it launches cynicism into people’s minds about the company. Microsoft does a very good job with Channel 9.

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