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IF! : What’s Wrong With Ad Blogs
Piers Fawkes talks about the problem with most ad blogs these days and that you have two types of issues:
• Individuals with forward thinking ideas – educational but not informative
• Industry blogs that look at their specialty (advertising, PR, etc) – informative but of little educational value.

I agree with Piers however I also feel that…well, sometimes people are after that big unique inspirational idea and like some of these real bad reality tv shows, they’re still going to watch em for the entertainment. But he makes it clear that we cannot validate these tactics as what makes the best advertising is shock tactics and urban spam.

The subject matter of what I blog on is meant to be inspirational, informative and educational and if anyone gets at least one of these from some of the content, that’s great. What I try to do is bring some relevance to the ideas and insights that are featured so that it may spawn off some more ideas for the professionals in the talent acquisition industry. Speaking of viral tactics, what are some of your favorites? Why do you feel it is great?

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