Boycotting my blog – Day 8

Had to step away from the boycott to replenish and get ready for the long haul. While my efforts have had absolutely no response from the HR community, apparently the boycott has had a significant effect on political impasses in two small Central American countries.


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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy

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  1. Andrew Marritt

    Rob, this is wonderful – a vocal boycott. My boycott is being done for much less principled reasons: being far too busy at work, needing the really interesting stuff to be kept quiet – or at least hidden from competitors, being a new dad…

    Even my wife, who felt I spent too much time on the blog before now asks me to write more often. Unfortunately she is probably the only one.

    I know, if I promise to mention your blog next week in my presentation in Frankfurt to a bunch of German HR and Marketing directors will you continue?


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