Andrew Marritt single-handedly ends my boycott!

I am officially ending the boycott of my blog, thanks to Andrew Marritt of Geneva, Switzerland, who has offered to spread the word on the employer brand (see comments posted to “Boycotting my blog – Day 8).

Thank you, Andrew, for restoring my faith in the employment marketing and blogging communities – and good luck with your presentation in Germany.

If these random, semi-articulate postings are reaching beyond the Alps, perhaps others are reading them as well. Hope is such a dangerous drug.


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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy


  1. David Kippen

    Okay, this is just wrong for so many reasons.

    In the first place, you’re getting more comments by boycotting than you were by playing nice. So what’s the point of giving up when you’re just starting to get ahead?

    In the second, you’re far too willing to quit. Listen, no credible hunger strike ends with the refrains of “right on–let’s eat!” Where are the shades of humility? Where’s the sadness at having–however reluctantly–given up the good fight?

    But in the third place–which really should be the first place (and would be, if I’d thought of it first)–what kind of campaign runs eight days then quits? This isn’t even annoying yet!

    Honestly, Rob. If you’re going to boycott us, why not do it until we boycott you?


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