Joni Mitchell was right

Just as I declared that I shall resume my writing, I have now received comments (see Andrew Marritt single-handedly ends my boycott!) from my friend and colleague, David Kippen, that infer the boycott should go on. His reasons are sound and logical – two very good reasons to ignore them.

I will say this in defense of discontinuing my boycott: it only took eight days for content-related dialogue to appear – and that was the stipulation for ending my campaign.

And yes, my boycott did get more commentary than any of my previous, purposeful entries. But all this proves is the point made in my April 10th entry: “Now you see it, now you don’t.” (Go ahead, you know you want to go read it now.)

However, in the future I reserve the right to employ other guerilla tactics, which could include kidnapping one of my fellow bloggers, posting all my entries in Sanskrit, or even pirate blogging from off-shore.

But for now, the building permit for the parking lot has been revoked.


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  1. Aoife Maynard

    Hey… I just found out about this entire TMP blog o sphere from a note Joella sent to me….. and I’ve been reading what you all have been writing! It’s great! I Love it… keep it up.Hope you all are doing really well!

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