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The YouTube phenomena has marketers all scrambling around with some great ideas. The concept of involving your audience into your message is becoming common place these days. The more you involve your audience as active participants into your message, the more memorable, engaging and viral it becomes. The act of self expression has caught fire with community sites such as YouTube where people get to display their talents, ideas, and expression about…welll…whatever it is on their mind.

In the case for Converse, Butler, Shine, Stern + Partners created a gem of a promo where as customers who bought Converse get to upload movies about what they think about their shoes. If their 25 sec. spot get selected to appear on MTV, they can get 10k. Meanwhile, brand awareness and loyalty is through the roof as Converse gets their own consumers to do their own commercials.

Imagine viewing a company’s employee base expressing ideas about their accomplishments, talents, day to day work bloopers, etc. for all to watch. Yes I know…I hear all those corporate attorneys gasping. What the heck. If you’re going to post employee videos on your site, put something on there that people will actually want to watch.

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