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One is known for unfiltered enthusiasm. Another is known for directness. And yet another is gaining recognition for flexibility and strategy.

These aren’t the employer brand attributes of leading companies. They are the attributes of three World Cup teams: Brazil, England, and the United States. Whether these attributes are reflective of national cultures or not can be debated. But the fact that these, and just about all of the 32 teams participating in the 2006 World Cup, can have their own brand of soccer gives hope to the idea that any team can. Including a team of employees.

There is a lesson here (besides that I will stretch any analogy until it snaps). And that is that any group of people gathered together for a common purpose will naturally coalesce around distinct attributes. You may want to alter some of those attributes or amplify others, but they are there nonetheless, growing organically, just like an employer brand.

So, if your organization chose its top 25 performers, would those players embody the best attributes of your employer brand? Or perhaps, even more important, would they innately understand what your organization’s employer value proposition was? Your answer could determine how far your organization goes before it is eliminated from competition. (Okay, that was either a really good close or really lame.)


Random rave
The first goal of the 2006 World Cup was incredible, and fittingly, scored by Germany, this year’s host nation.

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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

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