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Welcome to Room 116: Thinktank3 self-promo

When you go grocery shopping, on the shelves you have the name brands and right next to them are the generic brands. This little shop called Thinktank3 used the same principle for their own self promotion. Except it isn’t about being generic.

Nothing ground breaking, but basically they used keyword buys of all their big name competitors, and or agencies that they would like to associate themselves to. In advertising, the golden client are the ones that will go out on a limb and allow the agency to do their best work. Even if it means taking great risks to get new and fresh ideas out there.

Thinktank aspires to attract the same type of clients and talent that would be after these big hot shops that do great work. So, naturally when they keyword search these names, their little keyword self promo appears.

Now think about that same principle as it would apply for talent acquisition strategies for companies who are in fierce competition with one another for talent.

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