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Ng Pei Kang | Portfolio 2006
Industrial Designer Ng Pei Kang explored the very likely possibilities of mobile google power. Imagine the possibilities of Google search at your fingertips, where ever and when ever. Bringing the power of Google search into tangible real world scenarios and objects allows you to be able to search live in the real environment.

Lost? Take a picture of the nearest roadsign and Google tells you where you are. Looking for a good restaurant? Simply take a picture of the restaurant’s signage and Google will tell you it’s customer’s ratings. Looking for a great career? Take a snapshot of the company’s signage and Google will tell you their current openings and allow you to submit your resume right there.

As he states, the possibilities are boundless.

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  1. eric

    GeoTagging is the next evolution of metatagging and has become a fairly common method for searching, connecting, storing, and archiving information relationships in our online and offline world…what’s interesting is it’s becoming more and more common in youth oriented markets. Further blurring the distinction between online realities and offline realities. Its extraordinary how a small optical lens on a cell phone can change the face of pervasive computing.

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