“Energize your base!”

(Uh-oh, the first line is in quotes and has an exclamation point – it must be important.)

Every election cycle, political pundits speak about candidates for office who need to or are in the process of “energizing their base.” (By the way, who sets out to be a pundit? “Let’s see, I could become an expert, an analyst, or possibly a consultant, but none of those have the sexy quality of punditry.”)

It makes good sense. If you can’t get your own supporters excited about your candidacy, how can you get those who are on the fence to consider you? An energized base will reduce the cost of your candidacy through organic marketing efforts – and they’ll work long hours for little or no compensation because they are true believers. Just as long as they are energized.

It’s not difficult to guess where this is going, is it?

Organizations that wish to create a vibrant employer brand need to move beyond recruiting external candidates and retaining existing employees. Organizations need to energize their base. This requires something a bit different – the recruiting of individuals who are already in your employ. It’s more active then retention. It’s more broad-based than internal communications. It’s more than engagement – it’s blatant, no-holds-barred, high-spirited enthusiasm for everything about the organization, and its mission and people. And with apologies to Hal, Michael, and Jane, it’s more than a great place to work, it’s a great place to be.

An energized base recruits and screens of its own volition. An energized base is evangelical. An energized based is the nexus of viral marketing and social/professional networking. Therefore, an energized base should be the foundation for employer brand development and recruitment lead generation.

What does it take?
• Frequent face-to-face contact with, and re-recruiting by, C-level leadership
• A focus on what’s important to the employee
• A clear picture of how success will impact each individual

In the umpteen years I have been in this business, I have only come across one company that truly maintains an energized base. It would be nice to know there are more.


Random disclaimer
No performance-enhancing substances were knowingly used in the generation of this entry.

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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

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