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Welcome to Room 116: The Future of Ford

Ford has taken the typical corporate video and culture day in the life and turned it inside out….literally. Their approach took on the style of a Discovery Channel documentary of an ongoing story of an iconic brand and it’s employees. What I like is the fact that it also serves as a rallying cry to the Ford employee base to stand behind a strong, clear message, and to come to work each day and think about ways to actualize it. Reading the blogs and responses from others, you can see how it helps infuse interest in the company from different levels. Check it out at

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  1. Dennis Smith

    One has to applaud their efforts to just….do something! I’m not a big fan of the product, but I’m a fan of the company that takes steps to impact their culture and give employees something to believe in.

    I think Ford’s “getting it” – at least in this category.

    By the way – like the blog…it is now sentenced to captivity in my bloglines account where I can keep daily tabs on it’s comings and goings…..

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