Diversity means more than “people rainbow” photo ops

Building a diverse workforce involves more than energetic front-end recruiting of minorities and other classes of underrepresented workers.

Our experience tells us that an agency should weave ‘diversity consciousness’ seamlessly into all its outreach and informational materials, including its general Web site(s). At TMP we’re well aware that posed “we are the world” photo treatments can seem forced and artificial. But there are other more subtle ways to underscore your agency’s commitment to inclusion, and most of them start with HR leadership’s making its voice heard in how your agency presents itself to outside audiences.

CHCOs and other senior HR managers have to step up as champions of proactive and productive diversity— not the kind that’s merely reactive to numbers game pressures. Your recruiting brochures and web sites and job postings shouldn’t be the sole manifestations of your organization’s commitment to an inclusive workplace. Truly productive inclusion should be improving how your agency does business in concrete, verifiable ways. Think about how your agency can represent this outcome authentically.

Do it with ‘story value’ and real-people immediacy and you can inspire not just the diversity candidates that can add value to your operations. Your agency workforce may be inspired too.

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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy

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