Job sharing to the extreme

Trade Places With a Stranger in Wooloo’s “Life Exchange” on PSFKLife Exchange is a one-week performance that will prove to be quite an interesting project produced by Wooloo Productions. Talk about living virtual lives in virtual worlds, this project calls upon applicants to literally exchange lives with another person in the real world. It will start on Oct. 31st, 2007 and go on to Nov. 6th.

Out of all the applicants, 10 of them will be chosen to do this. Each person will not just change places, but change a state of being with the other person which includes their jobs, personal items, clothing house etc. It will happen only within the area of New York City.

Now my first thought as it shivered up my spine was…YIKES…who is going to let a complete stranger have the keys to my apartment and my car let alone my personal stuff. And what if this person gets me fired as me…or fake me? Hey…haven’t there been a dozen Disney movies that have been about this?

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