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3 Minute Ad Age: Oct. 30, 2007 – Advertising Age – News
Well depending if you’re in a major metropolitan city or taking a long enough cab ride, maybe you want to surf up some job opportunities as you get tossed around in the cab. It may take your mind off whether or not you are going to hit a curb or rear end somebody. In-Taxi advertising is getting it’s test in New York. About 3,000 taxis will have interactive video displays for people to browse while getting to their destinations.

Names such as P&G, Heineken and HBSC are participating. I am sure soon you’ll be able to hook these into the talking gps systems to not only shop but tell me where and how to get to that store that’s having the sale on those gotta have items. Especially during the holiday season when everyone wants the latest elmo.

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