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MySpace has opened up a free mobile version of their community. Before MySpace mobile was a premium feature that worked only on AT&T and Helio. Now, everyone will have access to uploading pictures, receiving messages, blogging from most all US carriers. This makes sense as we see the move towards open access to code and social features becoming the norm. Verizon’s big announcement opening up it’s access to the web from their phones opens a huge doorway in the WAP market.

Hold onto your hats folks, mobile is emerging as the 7th Mass Media joining Print, Recordings, Radio, TV, Cinema, and Internet according to an SMLXL white paper.

And lets not completely forget about SMS. M:Metrics has released an updated report on the the use of SMS advertising in US and Europe. This report, which covers a 3-month period ending 30 September, 2007.

Some of the highlights include:
• In France and Spain, approximately 60% of subscribers received an SMS advertisement during a month, compared with 40% in UK and only 18% in the US.

• The content of the advertisement varied widely by country. In France, 40% of the messages were contests, 20% were coupons, and 40% were information about products and services.

• In the US, over 10% of the people who received an SMS ad responded, where in Spain the number was just under 7%.

Here is another eye opener, PWC says 50% of E&M revenue growth will come from mobile and internet media over next 4 years.

So what does all this mean to recruitment? There are some fundamentals that I will talk to in the next post that may help demystify sms, WAP, MMS as well as how much easier it is to launch into a solid mobile campaign.

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