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So you are sitting there at the airport wondering whether or not you are going to leave in 1 hour or 6. You forgot your PSP so you start thumbing through magazines you picked up that is going to give you insight to grab your next promotion. As you flipped through you came across an ad from a company that you were always interested in working for.

What grabbed your curiosity is the fact that the ad had an interesting graphic digital code printed right smack in the middle of the page, with one simple call to action: Scan this with your phone to apply.

Enter the world of QR codes for talent marketing. QR stands for “Quick Response” and was invented by a company called Densu-wave. Basically like UPC scanning but for the phone. These little gems have the ability to launch wap sites, send call backs, open email apps on your cell phone. And they can be edited on the fly to enclose many different messages as well. This by the way is HUGE in Japan.

What kind of phones can scan? There are hundreds of phones now with the ability to use the easily free downloadable software. Companies such as Scanlife offer their own mobile scan software that enables most phones to get up and running right away. Or the Kaywa reader that allows rss blogs such as the one you are reading to be directed right to your phone. On that note, click on the qr code above to get your kaywa reader (if your phone can do) and then scan that code. It will connect this blog right to your phone. What a great way to stay in touch.

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