One Hundred Young Americans

Emmy- Award winning director and photographer Michael Franzini produced a project called One Hundred Young Americans which revealed the individual personalities of a series of youths across the country. Those youths that are labeled under Gen Y. This beautiful series features a new perspective of the status of youths these days by featuring them individually away from the typical stereotypes under the Gen Y label.

“The range of teenagers today is comparable to teenagers before,” Franzini says. “Some of them had parents that pushed really hard, some had parents who weren’t even there. You name the scenario, we found it. Everyone is different.”

New York Post writer Stephen Lynch brought up some very important things to say about the dangers of “generalization” of groups of individuals. He points out that there is so much of that generalization that an entire industry has sprung up to do this. [You’d think it would be difficult to generalize about 70 million people (if you use the generous “echo boom” boundaries of those born between 1977 and 1994). But an entire industry has sprung up to do just that for recruiters, businesses and marketers – all for a reasonable fee, of course.] – Stepehen Lynch

His main point is that kids these days are kids like any day. What has changed is not the message – it’s the medium. They have more access to express themselves and gain connection to new friends.

The site is produced well, the images are mesmerizing and real. Would companies be so bold to reveal the “soul” of their employees this way instead of the typical employee bio/video sections on their career sites? We will see.

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