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Advertising Age – Ad Age Agency of the Year: The Consumer

Step aside Goodby? Hmmmm. Well as Ad Age has determined, the agency of the year is…well..yours truly. And you. And you. And you. Yes, you have heard it over and over and over, consumer generated content. But the consumer being in control is not news by no means of the imagination. We see how it has affected consumer brands. But how is it affecting recruitment advertising?

Well, first we have to realize that the reason these videos have such compelling strength is because they basically have a blank canvas. No rules, no strategic creative briefs, no brand cops that are going to kick you out the door.

Secondly, it would be hard pressed to have people outside your organization to create videos about working for you, unless you have such strong brand equity that people would go as far as creating personal videos about themselves as the best candidates to work for you and submit them. So it ends up back on the shoulders of identifying what is it that truly makes your company so great to work for that people would share, that is memorable, real and truthful, entertaining and it sticks.

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