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There has not been this much press and movement about a technology platform since the web. We are currently in another cyberspace race. One that started about 4 years ago and up until these past 2 years it has matured enough so that corporations could start to make it relevant for employer branding.

So why Second Life? Why not just use your career web site to communicate your employer brand? Why should we make our candidates go through the process of downloading the app and creating their avatar to visit us? Those are very common and logical questions that many companies have. However here are some observations for you to consider while thinking about these questions.

Let’s take a look at the audiences:
– Active job seekers
If you are looking for that job, chances are you are not going to bother going through this process unless you are already a Second Lifer. Or, you may have already visited the career web site and have applied and want more information and content about the company. Then you may be willing to opt into more immersive content such as Second life.

– Passive seekers
This audience would be more receptive to explore who you are. Simply because of the intensity and frequency of the press, chances are they may even reach your career site through your SL world.

– Internal employees
This audience is crucial and will probably initially be your largest. Why? Because your employees will rally behind something unique and new. Something innovative and fun and immersive that allows them to view company information at amazing levels of 3-d engagement. Top it off with content and experiences that are specific to your employer brand and you now have a tribe of evangelists sending out links to their friends to visit the world. Employees taking part of literally building and contributing their self to the organization’s brand.

– College hires and interns
SL already has several universities using this platform to teach classes. This audience may already have SL avatars and would be easier for them to join up quickly. Interns are great company evangelists and with SL you can create network groups which allow them to link others in. They would also be more engaed into business simulation games that you can develop in SL.

So what are the overall major benefits? Here are some to think about:
– Real time virtual employee testimonials
– Maximum flexibility with career events (stay tuned ;^)
– Interactive 3-d virtual office tours
– Real time live chats with avatar recruiters
– New hire orientation training
– Work simulations
– Enhanced social networking

The key to differentiation and strategic use of SL in extending any employer branding is to start with the concept. What is the idea that will enable SL to amplify your message and objectives more than your career web site could do, and how you integrate traffic driving strategies to this world.

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  1. henderson ong

    your absolutely correct, the new direction of the internet generation is towards “community”. Miata’s community is not even founded by Mazda corp. and the young generation are all in some form of online communities. if we can sort out and target the right community, then marketing is in the door.

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