Nation Branding on Second Life

Business Communicators of Second Life®: Sweden’s Second Life Embassy Explores Nation BrandingThe Swedish Institute will be creating an official embassy in Second Life. The Swedish Institute is an agency of the Swedish foreign ministry that communicates global information about Sweden. According to the institute’s director Olie Waestberg, he believes that Second Life will enable them to broaden people’s exposure to Sweden in an inexpensive and easy way.

Major corporations, local businesses, culture and yes, career opportunities will be a part of the contents within this world. It is evident that more organizations are seeing the value of this platform to communicate and establish key social networking relationships with potential candidates seeking career opportunities. And it is slowly sinking in that this world enables each company to exploite their differentiators in ways that their career web sites may not be able to do. If you can start branding nations…imagine what you can do for employer branding. I have a sneaky suspicion everyone will soon.

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