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I ran into this msn crossword puzzle game and found after being mesmerized by it that it has the possibilities to act as intuitive navigation tool that educates your audience about your company. This could also be a great tool for new hire orientation.

Flexicon is a fun interactive crossword game that combines relevant keyword search capabilities with the clues and answers to the game. So as you fill in the correct answers, the browser below populates keyword search results based upon the relevancy of your answers. This is relational navigation at another level. The audience is being challenged to come up with answers about the company and being rewarded with more relevant content about the subject. This can ensure more comprehension and engagement into the employer brand as well.

Take this idea another step.
What about the idea of having a puzzle game inquiry like this that is based upon skill sets and attributes and opportunities within your company? So in other words, let’s just say that one of the jobs that you have open is for an IT manager. This IT manager needs to be extremely creative, smart forward thinking and knows what is happening in JAVA. The clue could be “Our IT managers need a lot of this”. When candidates fill in JAVA, the browser populates all the relevant jobs available in IT, and JAVA within the organization. It also populates what the company is working on that directly is affected by this position, the people that work on them as well as the locations.

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