Employer Branding on Second Life part 2


So you just were hired on to your new place of career endeavors. Naturally you have scoped out their web site, looked into all the things they do, and tried to get a feel for their culture. The proof is yet to come when you step inside those doors on your first day to experience it on a day-to-day basis. However before your first day, to your surprise you receive an extensive new hire orientation packet full with not only your fundamental essentials, but also a small manual to get you started into their virtual new hire training tool on their Second Life island.

After you have signed up, and launched directly to the company’s island, you are immediately welcomed with open…uh digital arms by the company’s new hire trainers and or employees. They walk you through the company’s virtual campus, give you essential presentations and a sense of what to expect on your first days at work. Immediately your employee network groups are formed. You are connected to all the relevant groups you need to associate with to have a pleasant, successful first crucial weeks and months at your new job.

And it doesn’t have to stop right there. Ongoing in-world training is available as well. “Town-hall” corporate meetings start to become available as well. And eventually, the SL app will be embedded into your intranet browsers for seamless integration into the virtual world. These are the little perks to help engage your employees more into your employee experience.

Second Life is still in it’s infancy, still looking for the big big idea. Companies will still continue to examine this medium very carefully as others forge through to try it out. We are all developers in this new medium. Not just one agency or another agency. Everyone. After all, Second Life would not be Second life without the community of people that jumped in and just started building.

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