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I was watching one of the financial networks (I have no idea what they talk about, but it makes me think that one day, I too could be a captain of industry – I’m hoping that comes with a uniform). The guest on the show was the CEO of eBay. She was explaining that thanks to the eBay model, no matter what country the ecommerce site was in, the brand was always localized.

On one level this seemed rather unspectacular – the content was locally generated so the brand experience naturally carried local flavor. However, on another level it was so seamless and organic, it seemed like the most amazing occurrence since the introduction of Trivial Pursuit – The Boomer Edition.

It made me wonder about employers with multiple locations and how that impacted the employer brand. I don’t mean in the obvious ways of different countries or different cultures, but literally on a location-by-location basis. For example, a company may foster the same employment experience on an organization-wide basis, but does the promotion of that experience play different market by market? Surely there are variations that must be taken into consideration such as the number and make-up of employment competitors.

To some degree this is a lot of musing about micro-marketing when most organizations need to first master standard approaches to employment marketing, but it’s still worth considering. Even if the application is downstream – way, way downstream.


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Thomas Delorme
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