Back in the day

In the latter part of 2000, I was in a meeting with a couple of HR executives from a Fortune 500 technology company. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a new formalized approach to employer brand strategy development that we had just started to promote.

Their first question was “Has anyone else done this?” (Their second questions was “How did you get past security?”)

At that time, many organizations were advertising aggressively under the banner of employer branding, but as stated in earlier entries, there was really no market research foundation for any of these initiatives. So the answer I had to give to my two HR friends was that they would be among the first (shortly thereafter I was escorted by off the premises by a very understanding security guard. My attorney tells me that the restraining order expires in just three more years.).

This past week, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to present a one-hour seminar about the employer brand through the auspices of About 125 people attended this webinar and over 300 people registered in total, enabling them to download the presentation at a later date.

These days, no one is asking, “Has anyone else done this?” Now the question is “What’s the best way for my organization to get to an established employer brand?”

I think we all recognize how much technology has changed over the past 10 years, but perhaps we need to take a moment to register just how much more strategic employment marketing has become.


Random rant
How does Wolf Blitzer still have a job? Just watched the presidential debates (does anyone actually remember what a debate really is?) of both parties. To paraphrase Mr. Blitzer, raise your hand if you think even a single one of those questions led to anything of substance being discussed.

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