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Over the course of the past 18 months, I’ve delved into all matters employer brand – from the arcane to the really, really, really arcane. Now it’s time to spend some time addressing what every one of my loyal readers (and you both know who you are) has been clamoring for (then again, maybe clamoring is too strong a word – more like mildly interested in a distracted, there’s-nothing-on-television-tonight kind of way). Forget the theory, you said, I’m sold on the employer brand concept, you said. What do I have to consider before embarking on an employer brand development project? (Okay, I said that last part.)

There are four primary considerations: clarity of engagement, internal alignment, control of scope, and project management.

Clarity of engagement addresses:
– Purpose
– Connection with organization challenges
– Deliverables
– National vs. multi-national vs. global vs. the entire known universe (with an exception for string theorists)

Internal alignment entails:
– Identifying and engaging global stakeholders
– Identifying and engaging corporate stakeholders
– Identifying and engaging anyone who wants to serve you a steak

Control of scope is best achieved by:
– Creation of a target market hierarchy
– Identification of mandatory components
– Uncovering existing relevant research
– Agreement upon scope of work
– Keeping all lists to a maximum of four bullets (oh no, we’ve lost control already!)

Project management considerations include:
– Identifying the project team (drawing short straws is always effective)
– Agree on milestones

Over the next few entries we’ll spend some time discussing each of these areas in more depth. Until then.


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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

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  1. Dave, Your Ol' Underling

    “First say to yourself what you would be; then do what you must.” That Epictetus sure had a way of making things sound simple, wot?

    Nice reading up on you, Rob. I hope all is well. Love the avatar.

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