The more you obfuscate, the more you obnubilate.

As promised, we are continuing down the road of all things practical, demonstrating in a paint-by-numbers kind of manner, what you need to do so your employer brand project successfully takes flight. Please remember to show up two hours early in order to get through screening (Has anyone unknown to you organized your project plan?).

Today we will focus on clarity of engagement, otherwise known as why are we doing this?

Surprisingly. clarity of engagement still addresses the same things it did in our last discussion:
– Purpose
– Connection with organization challenges
– Deliverables
– National vs. multi-national vs. global

Is your primary purpose to increase candidate attraction? Is it to facilitate culture change? Are you looking for unity in your advertising campaign? Are you looking to affect engagement? All of these can be tackled in an employer brand engagement. Whether they should be is another question.

Connection with organization challenges
These can be political or operational in nature. Is everyone already on board and supporting your efforts? Do you have the appropriate sponsorship to launch the project and ensure the end result is embraced? On a more practical note, do all segments of your organization share the same goals and philosophy?

Do you want a value proposition, a positioning statement, a creative platform – each of these is very different, serving very different purposes.

National vs. multi-national vs. global
Global does not necessarily equal universal. Are you going in with an open mind, understanding that a multi-national approach may be more effective?

Those are some of your primary clarity of engagement issues. Of course, there are others, but being concise is related to being clear. Next time out, we’ll take a look at internal alignment considerations – and what could possibly be more exciting than that?


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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy

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  1. jrobi

    Thought you should know I have just completed reading your entire blog – each article (even those posted in your boycott period). I’ve just begun this work for our organization and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your insight and guidance – I’ll keep reading, please keep posting. Thanks so much! Joanie

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