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Probably one of the most innovative, beautiful sites that I have ever seen. Red Interactive has created a site that truly integrates web technologies with virtual world characteristics.

The wonderful features of this site is the ability to chat real time with multiple visitors as they navigate through the content of the web site. Virtually. And the characters(avatars) are beautifully drawn mystical characters. Very similar to watching a Teri Gilliam animation except that you are in control.

You can basically walk, fly and chat around with other visitors in 3 different rooms. The dimension is flat instead of 3d which is quite pleasing, and you can actually float around the content of the web site while you navigate through it.

This was all done in flash, and doesn’t crash your system and is instantaneous in joining up. No app. This is quite ingenius and opens up a HUGE possibility in web 3.0. Thank you Eric Birnbaum for sharing!

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