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Advertising Age – Digital – Google’s AdSense, Now With Widgets

You will hear about them on a more frequent basis. Basically widgets are little smart personalized components that connect relevant content to the audience right to their desktops. And now Google has wrapped the same concept of what a widget does into their adSense product. With this, the rich media content such as streaming video can be coupled with contextual targeting. So what does this mean? Well, think about the possibilities when a person searches for a specific job or job category. When the results come back, you are presented with a smart rich media component that floats next to your results….or even embedded within your results, that features a live streaming web cast of a recruiter looking for someone with your skills. And then you can interact right on the spot with them, and even apply right there.

The good: Quick relevant rich media without downloading widgets
The bad: Currently, advertisers need to use Google’s gadget framework to distribute the units via AdSense and they’re limited to sites on Google’s network that allow rich media ads.

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