At the Census, sourcing techniques change …but not the need for people

You could say that our dominant competency at TMP (at least as our history tells the tale) is recruitment communications—helping companies and government agencies create interest among potential hires and then converting them to job applicants.

This is an ongoing need for most organizations, but seasonal or cyclical hiring needs can make this task a formidable challenge. Nowhere is the hiring cycle more demanding that at the U.S. Census Bureau, which every ten years has to hire several hundred thousand temporary canvassers to go door-to-door across the nation. Today the Bureau is competing the contract for sourcing canvassers for the 2010 Census, and TMP is part of one team that’s under consideration for the award.

This is significant at TMP Washington because many of us were part of the agency team that executed the Census contract in 1990. As part of an agency later acquired by TMP, our team helped the Bureau source its temps in an era long before job boards and MySpace and Second Life. In those days the most reliable tools at hand were newspaper and magazine ads. Few of us still here at TMP can forget that long seven months of physically composing ads (remember pasteup?) and packaging them for overnight transport to the xx,ooo papers and magazines we relied on to get the word out to potential candidates. Every evening our hallways were lined with hundreds of packets staged for pickup by FEDEX.

Sourcing and recruitment communications are a little different today and, yes, we’ve kept up with the times but still it’s fun to reminisce…. meanwhile the big news today is that the overall US Census Award goes to DraftFCB

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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

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