Barcamp Atlanta

This weekend, I attended Barcamp Atlanta, which attendees have labeled an “unconference”. Unlike conferences, the thirty-minute sessions are similar to work-shop environments or round-table discussions, rather than large lectures that only share the point of view and content prepared by the sole presenter. The rule is simple. There are no spectators at Barcamp! Everyone is expected to either present a topic, provide a demonstration, or contribute in some way to the event. After the “unconference” is over, you must be willing to share what you learned at Barcamp (hence this post!). Because of the environment, spirited conversations emerge in the sessions and often last long after the session is complete. Oh yeah, you also can actually camp at the facility where the unconference is being held. Personally, I loathe camping – even indoors. I pay a mortgage in order to aviod sleeping like a homeless person on the floor. Obviously, I did not camp. But I’m sure those who did enjoyed it.

My main goal in attending was to learn more about social media and emerging technologies. This year’s topics ranged from “Recent Happenings in Commercial Space Development” to “Hacking Web Apps for the iPhone” to “How to brand your start up company” (yes, I attended all three of these sessions). Although most of the sessions were geared toward web development, there were a few that directly apply to recruitment advertising. Stay tuned for more posts sharing what I learned!

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