Please, no, not Job boards AGAIN …

The fact that my 2 first posts here are about job boards is pure chance, nothing related with a secret passion of mine (although working for one a while ago will probably have had an influence).

Over the last few years, one can tell job boards have not always been really “creative & innovative”, probably because they didn’t need to be, as they were still reaping the rewards from the breakthrough they initiated in the late 90’s when they first appeared (compared to “traditional recruitment”).
Those days, the landscape gets more and more challenging, their initial value proposition (we have 100 times more offers than anyone else (read “newspapers”) and you can sort them to find your match) is no longer really valid as vertical search engines such as Indeed or Simply Hired now have more jobs and arguably better search (for french vertical search go to wanajob or moovement).
And now what ?
Well, each will go its own different way trying to achieve a much needed differentiation and to become the “might be applicant” career’s gateway (rather than “just” a job board)
If i am to comment on France alone, I already told you about one of Monster’s initiatives (the virtual job fair), Les Jeudis (an IT job board recently acquired by Career Builder) added a social networking functionality …

This week, Cadremploi is making the news by a really special event : during one week, you’ll be able to follow “in real time” the recruitment of a Cap Gemini ERP consultant. Cadremploi used all their media (usually promoting themselves as a Job Board) to market that specific job offer to parisians (how cool is that to ear about your next job by looking at a 4 meter wide, 3 meter high poster in central Paris? Will get a picture of that … definitely must).
I actually find this really smart. Each and every job board has run campaigns (countless times) saying “I am the best, come to my site and get a better job” (noticed they only have “better jobs”?); this time, Cadremploi seems to be considering the fact that their target audience will remember them for something different and although one might disagree, i truly think the fact they are promoting a specific job offer (and not directly themselves) will be beneficiary for their image.

Which leads to my point : Can “the sites we used to refer to as job boards” actually establish some kind of a quality label by offering “so much more than jobs” : credibility. Will we one day see “the job is brought to you by Monster” and go “oh, ok … that means something to me”? Can they achieve that goal for both the candidates AND the recruiters?

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