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Allstate testing video games to identify safe, older drivers

Allstate is experimenting with an interesting concept. Video games to test and help older drivers with their awareness on the road. The idea is that as we have an increase in older drivers on the road, the percentage of accidents may also increase. And if you could pass a test with one of these games, it will enable you to qualify for better discounts.

One of these games is a game called InSight. It tests a player’s ability to track multiple moving objects at once. Which in theory is the ability to track many vehicles on the road. It’s a similar game to the “three shells and a pea” game.

Eye hand coordination is a crucial element to test for a driver, but obviously not the only assessment needed to determine a good driver. I also feel that there are a lot of variables that affect a good driver such as poor eyesight, judgement, common sense which I have seen older drivers more capable of than younger drivers. (One other game comes to mind that I love is Frogger)

So game relevance is crucial in any assessment environment. That holds true in recruitment. Research shows that people looking for jobs are less likely to play video games on your career site much less feel they are of any value. They want employment.

However that does not mean online games are not valuable (Just look at the online gaming industry expected to hit $4.4 billion by 2010). It just means that the game itself should be extremely in context to the experience, and relevant to the user’s and company’s goals. If your goals are to educate, communicate employer brand in more immersive ways, fit checking, then there may be some relevance to an online game experience for your candidates. But it’s got to be engaging and fun, and there needs to be rewards.

We have the traditional psychological and character tests, but those tests are so analytical and cold. It doesn’t enable a person to tap into and activate their own emotional cues about their decisions.

Emotional cues are those little messages and gut feelings that come out when you are able to put yourself virtually into the situation being presented to you. That little voice that says, “this is fun. I could do this. I bet I’m better than some of their employees. I gotta send this to my friends and see how they compare.”

Someday, we may have an ATS platform that is embedded into video games and online games that transparently assess all the user’s cognitive abilities, then constantly build their profile while aligning to careers in the marketplace.

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