Stepping up to serve the military’s unprecedented need for the right talent

At TMP we emphasize continuous improvement in how we serve our clients. That’s a key reason why, starting over a decade ago, we’ve kept clients well ahead of the curve in online and rich media approaches. And in the last two years in particular we’ve kept them in the forefront of Web 2.0 technologies and social media. Our work with “virtual world” Second Life is an outstanding example of this market leadership.

But I’m thinking that sometimes TMP’s leadership in emerging technologies may obscure our real “magic bullet” for success—the main corporate competency that has made us the best at what we do since the 1970s. That’s deep expertise in how to engage and recruit the best and the brightest employees for companies and government agencies alike.

Why am I dwelling on our 30-plus-year record of success? Because I’m about to suggest that it makes sense for TMP to enter a new sphere of competition that strikes me as ideally suited to our skills. I think the time is right to present our qualifications to take on the recruitment responsibilities of one or more of America’s major military services.

Up to now, the key players in this game have been consumer ad agencies, the Madison Avenue crowd. Certainly–in the aggregate–they’ve all done pretty good work for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. But, let’s face it, before tackling military recruitment, all these Madison Avenue agencies had all earned their stripes marketing consumer goods–autos and household products and canned goods and breakfast cereals.

Are these really the ideal core skills for shaping the future of America’s military in a very challenging world? Maybe it’s time to consider marshalling TMP’s proven core competencies in this vital mission. Maybe the military services can make new strides in building the right force for the 21st century because of TMP’s special abilities to identify precise pools of available talent, and because of our demonstrated excellence at capturing the essence of what qualified candidates are looking for in a career or new job. Over the years TMP has certainly demonstrated the right stuff in crafting values-centered themes and practical, real-world motivators to prompt the very talented to commit to life-changing decisions. Most of the Fortune 500, TMP clients all, would agree that we’ve got these skills down pretty well.

So is it time for TMP to step up and challenge the hammerlock that Madison Avenue consumer shops have had on the recruitment missions of the nation’s primary military services? I’d like to hear what you think.

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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy

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