E-Government 2.0

Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

You might have seen or even attended this hearing held back on the 11th of Dec. but they replayed it on CSPAN just today.

The panel included Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) and John Needham from Google. The discussion was based on improving Government communications specifically on the interactive platform. Jimmy made a great case for not only what wikipedia is but what and how it could enable the understanding of government issues and language and knowledge brought to and participated through the people. Where a better understanding, a clear understanding of government issues are communicated, defined and collaborated by the people. Lieberman acknowledged how far behind they are and is one of the leaders on the Senate to push for this. Obviously knowledge is power is an understatement in this case. What better way for the people of America to have the knowledge to make smarter decisions when it comes to government issues.

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