The future of sourcing

its now been a little more than 10 years the job boards arrived in our industry and pretty much changed everything … well, wait, was it the job boards or “just” the Internet?
In the last 18 month or so, there probably hasn’t been a week without someone asking me about Second Life : “is it going to change the way recruitment is done?”, “is it the next big thing?”.

Hum … well … obviously no. That usually triggers a “what is the next big thing then?” question.

Actually I have bad news : as Steve puts it, “The Future is NOW”, meaning you shouldn’t be expecting something huge to happen, it’s all up for grab NOW, it’s all under our noses NOW. The Next Big Thing is we are going to leverage all that’s available NOW.
What does that mean in terms of recruitment communication? The image I usually use in my decks is the cover from Chris Anderson’s book, The Long Tail .

We shouldn’t be looking for one single tool or media that is going to replace Job boards (like job boards replaced newspapers for a vast majority of classifieds in the last decade). We shouldn’t be looking for one single tool or media that is going to make our life easy : use 60% of our budget and provide 60% of our resumes. This is simply not happening and it’s not a matter of whether or not Second Life or any other tool is “good” or “bad”.

The future of sourcing is getting less (resumes) form more (sources).

Good news : those sources are often times free or real cheap.
Bad news : leveraging them will not really save money as you will have to invest in skills and know how rather than media
Good news : sourcing is fun, exciting and challenging !

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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

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