Going To The Dog

Several days ago, by beloved Bagel-dog (Beagle/Basset Hound mix) Satchi, celebrated her 11th birthday (approx. 60-65 in human years according to my vet). And, as these things go, she’s due for a teeth cleaning.

For the unitiated, the cost of said procedure is $70-$350, mostly due to administration of anesthesia. Fortunately, I have pet insurance, which according to a 2008 ABC News report, is becoming increasing popular as an employee benefit.

Consider the Facts*
* There are approximately 74.8 million owned dogs in the United States;
* Thirty-nine percent (39%) of U.S. households own at least one dog;
* Most owners (63 percent) own one dog;
* Twenty-five percent (25%) of owners own two dogs;
* Twelve percent (12%) of owners own three or more dogs(YIKES!);
* On average, dog owners spend $219 on veterinary well-care visits annually.*

Taking note of these trends and the publicity that several major U.S. companies are receiving, job search agent SimplyHired has partnered with Dogster to connect pro-pooch companies with the canine community.

Boasting just under 500,000 unique visitors who spend an average of 9 minutes per day on their site, Dogster also offers a variety of online advertising options, including the Dog Blog, pet friendly lodging pages, newsletters, RSS, and even cross-promotion with network TV (as in this past summer’s “Greatest American Dog” on CBS).

Knowing that many employers are seeking ways in which to differentiate themselves, those who do offer pet “bennies” have a tremendous opportunity to connect with both passive and active candidates using both of these (and similar) new media elements that go beyond the ordinary and actually speak to their unique employee value propostion.

View source data here.

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