Career website 2.0

So if you are looking at your career website to revamp it’s power, I am sure that you have started with a complete audit, usability tests and audience surveys, persona development and all. This includes a thorough content audit and user path flows to see where your users are spending the most time and also dropping off. However, we are in an era in which social media is completely changing the way we do business, and get jobs. And this directly affects the decisions that go into career website development as well.

First of all company career site content continues to break out beyond the confines of the career site walls and live within all the social media sites on the web. There are no secrets. The networked market knows more than companies do about their own products. And whether the news is good or bad, they tell everyone.

So now content audit needs to include research of any of the relevant social sites that are working for you. Often times it is an employee Facebook group, or employees of the organization with their own pages. Or YouTube pages with sponsored content, blogs and even wiki’s.

The point is that people have more persuasive avenues to experience your brand message as well a your culture along with your career website. They should all be integrated together. Reigned in so that your message and experience that defines your employer brand is consistent, engaging, and relevant.

Career site 2.0
The power of social media puts people in control over the content in the way they will experience and share it. This alludes to one of the key ingredients of a powerful career site. Personalization.

With all the latest “web 2.0” tools available, it has enabled people to be more in control than ever before. Career websites is no exception. Some of the features best utilized for this are:

• Relational navigation/ (supportive links to related content based on user behavior)
As your candidates experience your career site, dynamic navigations change to support and engage them deeper to a decision set.

• Employee generated profile pages
Open social has enabled us to quickly and efficiently update on the fly real employee stories, from the employees themselves.

• Where do i fit tools
These tools fundamentally have been around, however now they have become more robust and personalized. Now we can match not only competencies but degree relevancy, personality and cultural fits dynamically as the system learns more about the user’s behavior.

This is great for the user. For the company, they now have access to more trackable data that allows them to better understand their audience, and provide the experience that best communicates their employment proposition to persuade and match to the right talent that will enable their companies to grow.

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