Video is just one TMP tool that helps D.C.’s police recruit the most qualified and inspired candidates.

One of the most effective ways to attract recruits is to encourage interested prospects to see and hear current employees describe their jobs and what their work means to them. The internet—because it can transmit short videos hitch-free to most online job seekers–makes this a relatively straightforward recruitment outreach strategy for any organization, size notwithstanding.

Our Government Solutions Group recently incorporated this feature into a new employment site for the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Force (MPD). You’ll find a dozen video vignettes there . Among the MPD employees featured are Chief Cathy Lanier and a wide ranging assortment of DC cops, from SWAT to Homicide to Mounted and Harbor Patrol personnel. Each describes his or her work and discusses the personal charge their jobs give them.

DC is a tough market for law enforcement recruiting, with several nearby, well-paying suburban jurisdictions—plus half a dozen Federal police agencies–vying for committed applicants. So the MPD’s video segments were created to inspire law enforcement job seekers, as well as passive candidates, to apply. Hearing real people, not “talking heads”, describe their work enthusiastically can make a big difference in triggering interest. We want serious candidates to have no doubt, as the campaign theme puts it, that “It’s a great time to be MPD.”

Of course we’re promoting MPD career opportunities through a multitude of other channels, including online job postings and print ads. We’ve also created a radio spot that’s running widely in the DC area, and are “wrapping” public buses with MPD’s recruitment call-to-action.

As the program hit its stride with CY07 drawing to a close, the department was reporting goals had been achieved.

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Thomas Delorme
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