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Well I thought I would kill two birds with one stone here. First I have a nice little feature that takes contextual linking to another level. In order to demo this I thought to talk about some websites you may never have heard of. This was from a report from FastCompany.

You will notice something different about the hyperlinks in this post. They have a little icon. When you roll over the links you will see that it gives you a peek-a-boo pop up that brings you an active snapshot related to the link. Just another way to bring your audience deeper into your story.

Ok, let’s look at some of these sites.

Well, they say that there are numerous dating sites out there (I wouldn’t know…really) and they apparently focus on matching profiles. This site matches you up based on personality compatibility. Imagine that. Should there be a “blindjob” matching system out there based on competency matching?

Ever heard of an online secretary? Well if your outlook or your Palm isn’t cutting the bill, fire em and hire on Sandy. This site will coordinate all your travels and appointments into one.

I have always loved this site. It takes data visualization into your real time news. Using “treemap algorithm” it aggregates top stories based on the importance of the story in a visual way.

Damn Interesting
Here’s a blog that’s just….well…damn interesting. Not for it’s technology, but for the historical stories and insight of just about anything. Read about the bizarre saga of the Trans-Siberian Railway, or the story of the failed invention of wireless electricity. If you’re in need of an engaging academic time-waster, you’ve found it.

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