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Haven’t written anything in a while because the world has been clamoring for employer brand engagements. One organization after another is asking for help in developing its employer brand. Is it because of my wildly successful blog, my rugged good looks (see accompanying photo illustration), my ability to hold witty conversation on such disparate subjects such as politics and stuff that is not politics? If only that were the case.

Employer brand development is so mainstreamed that it’s right up there with lattes, American Idol, and political scandals. In fact, I fully expect a major deal with a Hollywood studio any day now.

So now that everyone is following the true path to employment marketing enlightenment, here’s my question. Why are you all focusing your engagements on the delivery of just advertising? The employer brand is so much more that that – just ask my friends at People In Business ( They have long been onto the idea that the employer brand can be the engine that not only drives employee engagement, but successful product, service, and brand delivery to customers.

Maybe it’s because Simon Barrow, the founder of People in Business, has had more time to think about this concept than anyone else. After all, he came up with the entire idea (and the current terminology as well) over fifteen years ago. I like to think that we were the drivers of the concept here in North America, but that pre-dates anything we were doing (oh, the humbling nature of the employer brand practice).

Anyway, visit their site, pick up their book (serendipitously entitled, The Employer Brand), hop a plane and pay them a visit. Then, help us make the employer brand even more influential than it is.


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