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Writer and futurist William Gibson wrote, “The future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.”
We are living and working in a wired, inter-collaborated world where technology continues to become more ubiquitous and transparent. Software applications are becoming more integrated into web tools and web tools are now accessible and sharable through software applications. Web experiences are now personalized experiences that are customized through smarter connective technologies that responds to user behaviors.
In result there is a more level playground between those that have the media power, and the common day blogger. Those with huge advertising budgets, and those with a DSL line and a camcorder. It is turning the way businesses do business upside down.

With all of this power that companies must share, what does this mean to their brands? And while we’re talking about it, what does this mean to their employer brands? We often have client meetings and the subject matter of social media is on the front burner. The client is well aware that they need to participate with social media and that they just need to find out how. The interesting thing is that their company may already be participating in social media. A quick little search on any of the social sites like Facebook under their company name and walla…up pops data that they have 80+ employees already on. And some have employee groups and alumni. The question is, how are they taking advantage of all these networks? Is there some consistent glue that can tie these networks together someway? is there a common thread that can enable a central strategy to co-exist without an invasive disruption of the community?

“Any content provided by a marketer in (Facebook) needs to work as social currency. Whatever the story is, it’s mostly told by the users, not by the brand.”
Mauro Cavalletti, Creative Director AKQA
“Social Marketing Do’s and Don’ts”
ADWEEK, October 2007

This is an important ingredient to keep in mind on how social media works. It is a scary one for big brands. And it is an eye opener for employer brands. What you deliver in social media shouldn’t be looked at as marketing content that is pushed into social media. It shouldn’t be delivered by the company, but delivered from the individual in the network. Instead of Content Provider-driven, it is Me-driven. Then the network engages into the story and participates with it more naturally. It becomes social currency. Sure, companies have employees talking about their stories almost in every career site on the planet. They take the form of those “testimonials” or day in the life. But how are the candidates engaging with those stories? Especially in social media.

With the state of economy as it is now, we see a shift away from active job seeker content, and a move towards the need to build relationships through storytelling in social media. When done smart with relevant, engaging and entertaining social currency, when it is under the radar and not invasive, and when you can tie it all together, you will see what social power can do for your employer brand.

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