Need for Social Media Strategists?

The Challenge of the Social Media Executive Recruiter

Jeremiah Owyang’s blog post about the need for and short supply of social media strategists hits home. We are in such an early stage of social media. Companies are jumping into the medium to tap into it’s powerful networks. Yet internally there are obvious struggles of how to best launch social strategies.

A big scary part of social is the fact that companies must be transparent and open. So, that may mean giving up some control over their content…and …yikes, their brand.

In Jeremiah’s post, the conversation talks about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring from outside of the organization rather than from within. The discussion is that you may already have an employee inside that knows and lives the brand, and can deliver compelling, relevant content into social media. On the otherhand, you may need to hire from outside to launch fresher, newer perspectives and ideas into social media.

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