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As more companies explore mobile, we find ourselves in a similar situation when the net just first launched. Everyone had to have a web site. Not for strategic purposes, just because everyone else was getting a web site. Mobile media is experiencing the same phenomena. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Momentum encourages confidence. And the more confidence we have, the more willing we are to explore and push boundaries. The more we are able to learn what works and what doesn’t in order for the medium to mature. However, this doesn’t mean to jump in with blind faith. We have spoken before about how mobile works for recruitment. One of the issues that I touched on earlier was exploring how your audience is going to interact with your message.

We are living in a what’s-in-it-for-me economy. An attention lapse one at that. To get people to interact with your opt in, you need to give them instant gratification. Why should they opt in? What is it that is going to create a compulsive reaction? Marketers use mobile coupons, free ring-tones, wallpapers, games, sweepstakes, registration and alerts. But for recruitment agendas, what are the opt-in incentives? Well, they actually shouldn’t differ that much at all.

Here are some thoughts on some of these incentives for mobile recruitment opt-ins. Please note that the media environment in and of itself that the mobile message is placed plays a huge role in the opt-in as well.

Mobile Coupons
One of the “greener” things to come around. Instead of all those paper receipts, direct mail coupons printed on paper, newspaper inserts and coupon books, why not allow people to use their phones to display the coupon at the cash register for instant discounts. From music stores, grocery stores, fast food to video stores. Hey, in this state of economy, every dime counts. There are several different types of mobile agencies right now that offer up these mobile coupon programs. One of them is Cellfire.

So for recruitment, the offers touch everyone. Whether you are an engineer, accountant or marketing person, these quick little incentives are relevant. The key to differentiation however is finding the coupon that offers up an incentive that is as close to your messaging or employer promise as possible. As an example, if your job offering is targeted towards game designers and programmers, well chances are, they work late into the night and could use a perk or two off of a new game, fast food, or laundry mat.

Free Ring-tones
Ring tones are very popular. The relevancy to recruitment…eh well that may be somewhat of a stretch. And again, it depends on your campaign message/concept. Some of the most downloaded types of ring tones are of from popular pop and hip hop bands. So, if your message can find some relevancy to “Party Like a Rockstar” by Shop Boyz, then you have something going. Or maybe you are looking for someone with a rockstar performance, Nickelback’s “Rockstar” could tie into your message. Again, find the relevancy between your message and the content of the ring tone. Otherwise, why would anyone look to download their ring tones from a job opportunity?

Wallpapers are nice in that they can provide some visual branding for your company. The same principle applies here as it did for ring tones. It needs to be relevant to your campaign message/concept. But it places more pressure on your campaign to have qualities that one finds really cool enough to want on their phones. That is critical. Wallpapers are just as personal as ring tones. The challenge here is that your wallpaper should promote your message or employer brand, at the same time should be generic enough for people to want it displayed all the time.

Mobile Games
Mobile entertainment is a force to be reckoned with. From games to puzzles to video. Mobile games are extremely popular. They fill in that open void of time called “mobile time” That is the time which is offend referred to as dead time. When you are commuting, traveling, waiting for a plane, or in a waiting room etc. Games pass the time away pretty fast not to mention that they are fun and addicting. Again, here it comes again; relevancy to your message/concept. In what ways is the game tied into your employer brand or campaign message? With mobile games, we can be a little less direct to messaging because we don’t want to force game play based on how well you can do work at the sacrifice of fun. With mobile games they fall under the genre of casual games. Your audience should be able to get in and start playing right away. Easy to do and understand.

Mobile Ed McMahon. Sweepstakes. It has been a primary driver to get people to opt-into campaigns. There are a lot of rules that you will need to follow to develop a sweepstakes campaign. Usually it is an offer that says, “TXT VACATION to 41411 and you can be eligible to win a trip to ___.” To make it relevant to recruitment it might be a product or service that the company makes and or delivers. This will help in differentiation because now we are talking about your products. You can also tie it to an employee referral campaign. The audience would naturally be internal, but it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t turn the referral program outside the organization.

And then there are Alerts
Mobile alerts is probably one of the low hanging fruit ideas because it is so easy to identify the recruitment content that your audience would want to keep in the loop for. Relevant job opportunities, recruiting events, and resume status. The only thing here is that this is most favorable mainly to active seekers. Those that may have already submitted their resume to you.

The key here is that you need to make it clear to your candidates how frequent they are to expect an alert. Example, once a week, twice a week, twice a month etc. Let them choose from a master schedule. Keep in mind that this has the lowest brand engagement and is set based on the premise of an active seeker needing efficient notifications to get a job.

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