World’s Biggest Ad


be part of the world’s biggest ad
Ok you Madison Ave types. Here’s your chance. So you wanna be in advertising eh? Got that swagger of a late night CD? Have that Clio Award winning idea? Well now show us your stuff. Photolibrary is sponsoring this fun interactive “active desktop” allowing folks to select from their library of stock images to compose an ad. Hey where’s the brief?? Well you don’t need one here. (ooh I hope none of the AE’s heard me say that :^0

Not only can you create an interesting composition, but you post to the global library for all to see. So, you might say this is a social mashup ad because your contribution ads to a huge compilation of one large montage of an ad.

So come on all you Lee Clow Alex Bogusky Jeff Goodby Richard Kirshenbaum closet types….let’s see what ya got.

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