Be Careful How You Mashup

Micro Persuasion: The Risk in Using Twitter as a Public Utility
Let’s say one day you launch your career site and launch your cool new interactive feature that mashes up a mapping tool and an alert platform like twitter. Only when you launched it, it doesn’t look at all the same, doesn’t function the way you programmed it, and wow it was just plain broken. What happened you say to yourself. I don’t even recognize the admin form to edit any of my content.

In Steve Rubel’s blog, he points out that we need to proceed with caution when developing with mashups. Twitter for example had made a change to their API the other day. So anyone using twitter’s api, like mindmeister did, found that they had to change and adjust their programs and features that was using it. Since many mashups are controlled by one party, there in lies a possibility for a single source of failure. If they change or go down, it can potentially ripple through the web.

So, what does this mean? The discussion is very informative and unveils the obvious; don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have a diversified, integrated campaign that utilizes numerous channels. If your feature is mission critical to your campaign, you may need to rethink the strategy so that it is realistic to the stability of the mashup feature. Have a back up plan when api’s change. Meaning be prepared to adjust. But with anything, don’t stop pushing boundaries, just approach in a smart way that doesn’t get you “mashed”.

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