Fishing Where The Fish Are

I recently returned from a much-needed sojourn, which included a stay at one of this country’s most breathtaking areas – Lake Powell. Located in both Utah and Arizona, this extraordinary locale offers nearly 2,000 miles of coastline surrounded by spectacular sandstone rock formations, crystal clear skies, and a fisherman’s paradise.

Several friends and I rented a houseboat and spent four days cruising the waters, fishing (catch & release only), and exploring a landscape that seems like something from Land of the Lost. And, while I was officially “on vacation”, the irony of being in such an bucolic setting was that several of my crewmates were actually working while cliff jumping and casting for Channel Catfish!

Now, while some may wonder if I simply hang out with travel agents, the fact is that these individuals included several engineers, a Chief Technology Officer, and a tax professional – all of whom were conducting business via their mobile phones.

Being the new media evangelist of the group, I conducted a cocktail hour poll to investigate further. Findings included:

* 5/5 used Google Mobile Search for research, product information, and (of course) to map our location.

* 5/5 have favorite mobile site bookmarks, which include CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, Facebook, CNBC, NFL, & The Weather Channel.

* 3/5 indicated that they accessed the internet more on their mobile phone than their PC’s – except when performing such activities as programming, technical drawings, and administrative tasks (time keeping, invoicing, etc.).

* 5/5 stated that they had viewed ads while on their mobile phones, and;

* 3/5 had both brand recall and the actual “call to action” – e.g. “Sign-up to receive updates.”

US Mobile Usage Continues to Grow

According to the latest research, over 262 million in the US now use mobile phones; worldwide, this number increases to 3.3 billion. Further, mobile advertising and awareness continues to grow – especially among the 25-34 and over 65 age groups.

As a new media strategist, I find myself more and more often sharing both my vacation “story” and these statistics with clients that are seeking new ways in which to reach passive candidates. Based upon a thorough understanding of the psychographic (vs. demographic) profiles of both current employees and specific professions, we can collaboratively create mobile campaigns that go far beyond job board postings, decrease hiring expenditures, and increase brand visibility in ways never before possible.

Yes, mobile advertising is nascent; however, a tremendous opportunity exists for companies to “fish where the fish are” and ensure their messaging reaches the desired target audience via an emerging media which is expected to soon surpass all others.

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