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Well just as we all started to get used to the mobile web, we see another form of wireless communication screaming by. The mobile app. In fact, don’t be surprised that mobile apps will start to make wap environments obsolete.

Mobile apps are self contained little programs that are written just for the phone. And they are fully interactive with more robust features than the mobile web could even start to deliver. One thing however, if you’re not in the game already developing apps, you’re going to be swimming upstream without a paddle.

Currently there are over 10,000 apps for just the iPhone alone. These apps range from beer simulated drinking to musical flutes. And they run extremely well. It’s not that you shouldn’t try developing apps, it’s just that the ones that got in early have the system down pat so that they can deliver quickly.

There is just about an app for everything. And a lot of them are free. The functionality is so smooth and robust that it seems to be quite the let down when you link to a wap site on the mobile. We may see these apps leapfrog mobile wap to the extent that a lot of people may not ever visit a mobile site at all.

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